Stepping Off the Edge

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undefinedStepping Off The Edge
Written & Illustrated by Sandy Nathan (and daughter Zoe)
Vilsa Press
ISBN: 10- 0-9762809-8-1

When Sandy Nathan set out to write a book about her profound experience at the Gathering, a Native American spiritual retreat, little did she know it would guide her to chronicle a life of stepping off the edge. Again and again, she takes the risks needed for her soul’s growth and vividly presents her personal journey- one of growing into the courageous spiritual being she is

By reading and walking with Sandy along her path we get more than a glimpse of a
person. We get a revealing and inspiring view of her life. Her adventure and the understanding she adds as she writes help us use her experience to enhance our
own development. This book does much more than tell about a life; it takes us by
the hand and leads us to the opportunity afforded by her type of spiritual practice.
You feel a little drunk. I hasten to explain: I meditate in here. You’re feeling meditation energy, you’ll get used to it. Let’s see, you wanted to talk about how a person can lose his true self, and what to do if that happens. You nod too quickly, looking for a way to escape. (78)
Engaging, honest and well written, Stepping off the Edge reads like a good novel. I was struck by Sandy’s genuineness and courage in sharing her journey. She is profoundly mystical and hilariously in-your-face practical about the everyday details of life. Read it if you are willing to change and become who you are meant to be.


Reviewed by Brenda A. Snodgrass

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