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Take-Charge Living…How to Recast Your Role in Life…One Scene at a Time
by Marion Kramer Jacobs, PH.D
153 pages, $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-60528-014-1

Change is always difficult. What makes it even more difficult is when there are deep fears that stand in your way. What do you do when these fears plague your life and control your life?

This is the subject of Dr. Marion Kramer Jacobs’ book, Take-Charge Living: How to Recast Your Role in Life…One Scene at a Time. “Dr. Jacobs is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Laguna Beach, California and Adjunct Professor of Psychology at UCLA.” (Jacobs, 2006, 2008) She takes the reader step-by-step through the process of taking back control of your life. She compares it with the work that Professor Henry Higgins has Eliza Doolittle do in order to change her way of speaking into that of a lady of high society in “Pygmalion, Bernard Shaw’s classic play, and My Fair Lady, the smash Broadway musical.” (p. 1)

It is not possible to change habits that have taken years to form in an instant. It takes hard work and determination. But as the title indicates, it’s comparable to starring in your own play. In Part I, “Star in Your Own Show”, you must decide what it is that needs to be changed. It is here that you learn to not blame your difficulties on others, but figure out what you can do to change yourself. This is where you will write your script or take questionnaires and learn more about what it is that makes you behave the way you do.

Part II is called, “Dress Rehearsals.”  Just as an actor needs to go over the script and practice it, so too must someone who needs to put into action the area that they have been analyzing in part I. It is important to be somewhat comfortable in what you are about to endeavor. Perfection is not the goal. Progress is.

Part III is called, “Backstage.” It is where you evaluate what took place in your first “performance” and learn from your mistakes and pat yourself on the back for the accomplishments you made.

This book is excellent for anyone who wants eliminate unwanted behaviors and fears, but has no idea where to start. If you follow the instructions in this book, you will discover that change is good and it is within reach.

Jacobs, Marion K. (2006, 2008). Take-Charge Living. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse



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